May 5, 2017

New Remote PC v2.0 was released. Our mobile applications got completely new design and much better performance. Install the Remote PC Server 2.0 from download page to use these new clients.

January 28, 2015

Today we celebrate exceeding 1.25 million downloads of our application on Google Play. Hurrah!

January 19, 2014

Added video-tutorials which show how to work with the application.

October 26, 2012

Remote PC v1.4 was released.

September 7, 2012

Released stable ver. 1.4 contains a large amount of your requirements. I hope I've tuned up the application properly, because the app will not be improved min. 2 years.

January 19, 2012

Released ver 1.3 with unique look and new UI patterns Actionbar and Dashboard.

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Welcome you here!

Remote PC and BT Remote PC are Android applications which allow you to remotely control your PC over Bluetooth or Wi-FI.

Get access to your computer via Android. The application provides access to services such as mouse, keyboard, multimedia, presentation, power system commands, terminal or even display desktop.

How to get started

1. On your computer

Download the Server – Go to our download page & install the Remote PC Server to your computer according the client version. The server is a small java application located in the System Tray Menu which executes instructions based on user commands.

Supports these OS – Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10+, Mac OS X, Linux

Requirements: Java SE Runtime Environment 8

Download the Server 2.0

2. On your device

The client is an Android application which controls the computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. GUI is based on the Material Design created by Google which has very clean and popular design patterns. The application requires Android 4.0 or higher.

If you like this app, please support us and buy the Remote PC app over Google Play. Our premium app offers no ads, connection over Wi-Fi and much more.

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  • Base control
  • Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi do not require any expensive Internet data tariff! These applications based on the technologies are naturally cheap but still powerful with their functions. It is their greatest advantage among others, but it is bound them to communicate a few tens of meters.

If you want to know how to properly work with each services, you will find it on our services page.