Remote PC consists of 7 services (Bluetooth Remote PC has 5). If you want to take advantage of full posibilities, you will read these descriptions. Please write your suggestions to new features to our forum - Suggestions for features.


The mouse interface is like any touchpad.

Common mouse move

common mouse move

Mouse double left-click

mouse double left-click

Mouse right-click

mouse righ-click

Mouse scrolling

mouse scrolling


Do all movements with cursor like in Mouse service. Switching between Mouse and Desktop is on the right in ActionBar or in the General Preferences.

showcase of Desktop service


When you own an Android device with physical keyboard, you can start to write something in Mouse or Desktop service and Mini Keyboard will open up.

Mac OS X

To write special characters (!@#$%^&, etc.) it's desirable to set Unicode Hex Input.

How to proceed:

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Language & Text -> Input Sources.
  2. Enable Unicode Hex Input.
  3. Switch to Unicode Hex Input in the menu bar.


Unicode Hex Input


The keyboard has problem with writing some characters into KDE applications. Writing to GNOME applications works well.


To use multimedia buttons you must select the right multimedia player at first.

selection of a multimedia player



Recommended - This multimedia player can be controlled in background.

Windows only

Windows only - This multimedia player works only in Windows systems.

Mac OS X only

Mac OS X only - This multimedia player works only in Mac OS X systems.

Linux only

Linux only - This multimedia player works only in Linux systems.


Alert - The control of such a multimedia player is based on keyboard shortcuts, therefore the player's window has to be in foreground (focused).


Red exclamation mark - It marks buttons which fire only keyboard shortcut (as Alert).

Additional control

Skip backward and Skip forward buttons have got two functions. Short click shifts tracks and long click rewinds the current song.

two function of Skip backward and Skip forward

Note: This additional function hasn't got Windows Media Player and Rhythmbox.

multimedia service
  • Stop – stop your current song
  • Back – play previous song
  • Play – play/pause current song
  • Next – play forward song
  • Repeat – toggle on/off repeating mode
  • Sound – turn on/off sound
  • Sound up – increase the volume
  • Sound down – decrease the volume
  • Preference – switching a multimedia player
  • Note – you can only control a media player when it is in foreground/focused (Bluetooth Remote PC only)


Specify a presentation program in Settings which you want to use. The window of a presentation has to be in foreground (focused).

Volume buttons

Change slides pressing Volume Up or Volume Down physical buttons.

change slides by Volume buttons

Custom Interface

Create your own custom interface which is based on keyboard shortcuts. It just doesn't control only presentation, but every program based on keyboard shortcuts.

create own custom interface
presentation service
  • Launch – run your presentation
  • Previous – previous slide
  • Next – next slide
  • Close – terminate your presentation
  • Note – you can only control a media player when it is in foreground/focused


Stand by, Turn off and Restart buttons will close the connection with Remote PC Server.



Windows - It indicates your Windows system and offers you Power buttons which can be used.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X - It indicates your Mac OS X system and offers you Power buttons which can be used.


Linux - It indicates your Linux system and offers you Power buttons which can be used.

Mac OS X

Unfortunately this operating system hasn't got any reliable Power interface, so Power buttons contains only experimental commands (e.g.: shutdown command which requires root privileges).


Most of Power buttons requires root privileges, because the are based on shutdown command, pm_suspend and pm_hibernate. Add su or sudo command to Remote PC Server launcher (e.g.: cd path-to-server's-directory; sudo java -jar Remote\ PC\ Server.jar).

power service
  • Stand By – sleep your computer
  • Turn off – turn off your computer
  • Restart – restart your computer
  • Switch – switch the current user
  • Lock – lock your computer

The promotional video of Android Remote PC

Published on 19th of January, 2014

Application examples

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mouse service
keys and keyboard shortcuts service
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initial presentation service
custom interface
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