Differences between server versions?

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Problems with Java or the server?

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How to launch the server in Linux and additional information?

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Mac OS X additional information

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How to accelerate the Remote Desktop?

Set in Remote Desktop Preferences: Image Quality = jpg, Frames Per Second = cca 25, Resolution = 240×320 (small).

Is in Remote PC Client also mouse control?

Yes. You can switch it in General Preferences -> Remote Desktop × Mouse.

Can't connect through Wi-Fi connection and I'm sure my device is in the same LAN network

One of the most common cause is blocking by firewall. Go to Windows Firewall options and convince that Java(TM) Platform SE binary or Remote PC Server are allowed.

Windows Firewall - Authorized Programs

The app shows a message Connection unsuccesful

1. possible solution

  1. In your mobile go to Settings -> Wireless & network -> Bluetooth settings -> unpair your PC from Bluetooth devices then Scan for devices and re-pair the PC
  2. Follow these steps: www.androidremotepc.com/tutorial/bluetooth/

If it doesn't help you, restart the phone.

2. possible solution

If your server starts after Windows startup immediately (the Remote PC Server's shortcut is in the folder After Startup), it can cause the error: "Bluetooth is not ready". Then when you try to connect with a phone, it'll show the message "Connection unsuccesful". Right-click on Remote PC Server in System Tray Menu and restart the server (Stop server -> Start server).

After Windows startup: Error indicating about "Bluetooth not being available"

I solved this with a little trick: Try in Remote PC Server Preferences check option run server immediately after stopping (it causes that the server won't be ready at first time and then should immediately connect).

You can also customize our System Tray icon (e.g.: hide icon and disable warnings) in Windows 7 and Vista. You can learn more info here.