Frequently Asked Questions

Difference among installation packages

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Problems with Java or the Server

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Linux help

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Mac OS X help

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Can not connect via Wi-Fi and both devices are on the same LAN network

The connection is probably blocked by system or custom firewall. Go to Windows Firewall options and add an exception for "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" or "Remote PC Server".

Windows Firewall - Authorized Programs

Server show a message Connection unsuccessful

1. possible solution

  1. Re-pair your PC from your mobile. Go to Settings -> Wireless & network -> Bluetooth settings -> unpair, then Scan for devices and pair your computer
  2. Follow these steps on our Bluetooth tutorial page

Sometime you must extra restart the phone to clean temp & cache data.

2. possible solution

If your server starts at Windows startup immediately (the server's shortcut is added to the "After Startup" folder), it may cause the error "Bluetooth is not ready". After you try to connect your phone, the server will pop up the message "Connection unsuccessful". Firstly you can restart the server and try it again or remove the app from After Startup list and open it normally.