Differences between server versions?

Installation package

It'll install the server to C:\Program Files (x86)\Remote PC Server 1.0.x, add Shortcut icon and Start Menu item. The program can be easily uninstalled from Add or remove programs dialog.

Most of people don't know how to extract .zip file and run .jar file (maybe bad association with a different program, for example see Windows7 .jar file association broken with Nokia OVI). So I created a simple installation package which contains classic .exe file and can be simply uninstalled.

Targeted: To easily manage the application

Portable executables

It's a packaged archive (*.zip) with the server. The program is exactly the same as in the installation package. The program can be moved to where a user wants.

Targeted: Advanced users

Portable executables - Full (with bundled JRE)

It's a packaged archive (*.zip) with the server and bundled JRE. It means your computer don't need a runtime environment (Java JRE).

Targeted: User which have problems with Java JRE or haven't got Java JRE