January 19, 2014

Added new videotutorials that shows how to start with our applications and the new promotional video.

October 26, 2012

Remote PC v1.4 was released.

September 8, 2012

The Android application Remote PC was updated according to a large number of your requests. I hope you enjoy v1.3. Here is to explore update info.

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Older Update Information

Remote PC client v1.01:

  • Required Remote PC Server v1.03
  • Control input dialog
  • Small revision

Remote PC client v1.00:

  • Required Remote PC Server v1.03
  • Remote Desktop
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Add function keys and keyboard shortcuts support
  • Mouse scrolling
  • = Extra added against BT Remote PC

Bluetooth Remote PC client v1.03:

  • Required Remote PC Server v1.03
  • GUI was revised
  • All known bugs were repaired (right click, wheel size, auto-connect, ...)
  • New multimedia players were added (Winamp, PowerDVD 11)
  • Mouse scrolling

Bluetooth Remote PC client v1.02:

  • Required BT Remote PC Server v1.02
  • Keyboard in REALTIME MODE
  • Fix some multimedia buttons
  • Add help site and repaired links
  • Repaired right click error
  • After power commands the server is correctly terminated
  • Add info at pairing request

Bluetooth Remote PC client v1.01:

  • Required BT Remote PC Server v1.01
  • Fix icons in all displays and title
  • Repair text in How to connect and Info
  • Fix title
  • Add pairing device to an app
  • Repair connecting list: after no device was chosen it has occured fatal error
  • Add Mouse Settings
  • Repair connecting with unbounded PCs

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